June 29, 2012

The Cradle of Human Civilization

A friend has told me that the recent political turmoil in Egypt has greatly affected the number of tourists who visited the country. And while it was just a few days back that a democratically elected president has started assuming office, he believes that it won’t take that long to lure back more tourists again. So I believe that this could be the right time to find tour packages that is all inclusive holidays to Egypt.

That being said, and for all to know that Egypt is not just the home of pyramids and the great Sphinx or the unending vast archeological diggings known to mankind but it is also home to many activities and attractions. Some of which is the growing attention given to the Red Sea Riviera that has several great spots for diving enthusiasts. You can also enjoy kite surfing in the pristine Terrazzina Beach or trying a different way of surfing in the sand dunes of the vast Sahara desert.

Yet you should not forget also that Egypt lies in the Mediterranean that is one of the hottest and sunniest countries in the world. The temperature may go up to the 40’s during summer so you just have to choose which season you want to go and visit Egypt. Or perhaps just be prepared for the hot weather if you want to see the cradle of human civilization during summer.

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