June 29, 2012

Putting Safety First when Travelling

The recent wild fires that happened or still happening in the state of Colorado in the US made me think twice about going hiking and camping in the forest. Although I am not really into mountaineering but I still do love to see what Mother Nature can offer.

And with the recent wild fire incident, it made me think of what could be an appropriate safety measures or equipment that I must bring if I may have to push through with the trekking plan. Aside from the standard first aid kit that everyone should tag along, fire blankets probably is the lightest and less cumbersome to add in the backpack. And I have read in many articles the advancement they have added in many firefighting equipment. The new chemical fire retardants that they have added is a big help at all especially to the fire fighters and smoke jumpers.

I believe that it is always best to think, plan and put safety first when you travel or in almost everything that you do because once you are hurt or get injured, I’m sure it will spoil your day. And it will just keep your concentration away from the suppose fun and excitement you’re going to have in your rest and recreation.

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