December 2, 2008

Travel Tips Before Travel

Guys, for your safety must be read:
•Allow plenty of time to get the relevant visa.
•Read up about your destinations before leaving so you can enjoy yourself straight away on arrival. Check out travel deals that are available on the Internet.
•Don't buy loads of new clothes - be ruthless when packing - most people can manage with half what they take.
•Take an extra duffel bag - it can be used as a day bag and to bring back a few souvenirs.
•Don't pack your passport in your rucksack - keep it in your hand luggage with your tickets.
•Try and memorize your passport number incase you lose it!
•Write down addresses of friends and family, you may want to send postcards to, in a small address book.
•Arrange for diabetic/vegetarian/vegan meals for your flight with your travel agent.
•Remove old destination tags to avoid confusion
•On the day of your flight call the airport to check that your flight is on time.
•Find out how many 'carry on bags' your airline allows - luggage 20"x15"x10" is average
•Purchase some water purification tablets if you are planning a stop over in a country with suspect water sources
•Pack essentials such as a toothbrush, clean underwear and money in hand luggage, in case your check in bags get lost.

--Hope this can help you guys, when planning--

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