August 2, 2012

The Two Sides of the London Olympics

London Olympics most anticipated games unfold day by day and it has now entered its first week of competition. And of course there are those who won and lose but what’s amazing about the Olympics is the unpredictability of the events. You may have seen someone dominated a single sport four years ago in Beijing and now you don’t see them duplicate their fate in London. One thing that makes it harder for the Olympics to compete is that you must be tough in training years before the event starts or perhaps just a few weeks before the previous Olympic had just ended.

Just like the US swimmer Michael Phelps who broke records in the swimming competition in almost all events that he joined in Beijing but right now he is already being outclassed and outmaneuvered by his teammate and some virtually unknown four years back. The fierce competition is making it even harder to maintain your spot in history and defend it though there are some who are able to emerge winners again.

Yet, everything is not about glorious achievements for there are those who went home with teary eyes, not because they are defeated but because of unforeseen but expected circumstances. I just saw a weightlifter who snapped his elbow when he attempted to lift a 162kg in the snatch competition. He eventually forced to abandon the competition because of dislocated elbow and probably the most gruesome injury of the 2012 Games.

I would say that the London 2012 Olympics received its share of controversies too, from doping players to game fixing scandal that involves several players from different countries.

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