February 12, 2013

The Great Brazil

Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world, by its one hundred ninety two million people and growing. It is near Venezuela, Argentina, Paraguay and also Uruguay. It is mainly a Portuguese language is used in terms of speaking, because it was then a colony of Portugal in 1500 until 1815. Brazil itself is a beautiful country inside and out, with beautiful people, rich in historical and cultural backgrounds as well. 

If you are to go and visit Brazil, here are some places you should visit and experience: Fernando de Noronha Island is a beautiful place with numerous and plentiful of islands to see, and it is a new discovery as well in UNESCO as a heritage site. Of course the famous Rio de Janerio the place that they called it 

The Marvelous City, this place is also filled in rich cultural and historical facts where you can be interested of. Salvador is one of the unique places here, for it can make your visit really great by their amazing cathedrals and feel the majestic power of its beauty and faith, or swim in the coasts of Salvador and white sandy beaches, that will you wow and experience the best place ever.

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